Links to follow the Republican Copyright Reform Paper that quickly disappeared

After meeting Chris Habib earlier this year at Printed Matter he got me thinking of how current copyright makes no sense in relation to a republican platform for small government. In a weird way that prepared me to see this quite sensible paper on copyright reform by a republican think tank. It also doesn’t surprise me that they had to take it down so quickly. It does sounds quite reasonable and fair somehow. I wonder if I missing a hidden obscure agenda or do I really agree with a republican think tanks as it seems? 

 This links are quite easy to find online or through boing boing but I’ll add them here anyway.

Boing Boing coverage:

Tech dirt report:

The Paper on a mirror site:–_three_myths_about_copyright_law_and_where_to_start_to_fix_it_–_november_16_2012.pdf


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